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Nomads Shadows/SLD~PC

Nomads Shadows/SLD~PC

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Nomads Shadows/SLD~PC

§now Łarl's Den was a dream of Snowolf's, to have a Home that people could have fun in but also learn. The Home became public in February of 2009. In May of '09 it became a joint effort of Sno's and Tedra. Tedra decided She wanted to show the lifes...

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i have been in Palace chat for over seven years. It has been an experience where i have made friends, found love, grown and learned. It was a very scarey experience...

Shangri La


The Sardar Fairs
Invite you!
5 - 14 December 2014

Free Chat and a Vibrant Online Gorean Community

What is different about Palace Gor, what makes us different than other realms of online Chat that have a Gorean theme? We have a thriving Gorean Community based on the relationships and the values represented in the Gor books, not TECHNOGOR. We are about the families that are brought together by the Home Stones built in The Palace Chat, not the technology behind it; don't assume though that Palace Chat is bad technology.

Palace offers:

  1. Long standing Home Stones
  2. Long term Gor citizens
  3. Quarterly Festivals
  4. Weekly Discussion groups
  5. Impromptu get together
  6. Daily Visitors from distant Home Stones