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Fortress of Saphronicus

   is now  

The Fortress of Saphronicus has recently undergone a change in Ownership.  It is now simply called Saphronicus, very much a Gorean Homestone.  The first owner build a beautiful palace with a good reputation based on the Fortress discussed in the book Slave Girl of Gor by John Norman.  The home being a Gorean Home tries to follow the books to the realistic limit of reality and Palace Gor.

The new owner, Argos of Fortress of Saphronicus prefers to do things by the books and to help new members learn the meaning behind the books as well as the Gorean Online Lifestyle.  There are a number of homes all tied together as part of the Gorean Palaces and we all wish to welcome you.  Come visit our Palace Homestones and feel the vibrant life that Gor can be.

How is Fortress of Saphronicus being built?  We are looking to bring in Free Men and Women of Gor to set the example for the Gorean slaves and to teach the ways of Gor.  The focus of the home is the Gorean Free as educators, leaders and masters - in that order.  Mastery of self is the key to any of the Gorean Books.   Cruelty while it occurs on Gor from time to time, it is not the focus of the books.  The focus is the intense and important relationship within the caste system of the Master and slave.  While the slave is only property on Gor, it is very important property and is treated as such.  At the Fortress of Saphronicus we know the pain and the pleasure of the circle of life in Gor.

We seek likeminded people to come visit our home, if you're not Gor please at least be open minded enough to listen and learn and then make your decision or pass Judgment.   The following are excerpts from the Book Slave Girl of Gor giving all the information that is available from the books regarding this Fortress.

Come Visit us.


Slave Girl of Gor

Page 110:

“The retinue was the betrothal and dowry retinue of the Lady Sabina of the small merchant polis of Fortress of Saphronicus bound overland for Ti, of the Four Cities of Saleria, of the Salerian Confederation.”

 Page 111:

These alliances, of interest to the expanding Salerian Confederation, were not unwelcome. Such alliances, naturally, might presage the entrance of Fortress of Saphronicus into the Confederation, which was becoming a growing power in the north. It seemed not unlikely that the match would ultimately prove profitable and politically expedient for both Fortress of Saphronicus and the Salerian Confederation.

The journey itself, overland and afoot from Fortress of Saphronicus to Ti, would take several days, but it was ceremonially prolonged in order that the four tributary villages of Fortress of Saphronicus might be visited. It is not unusual for a Gorean city to have several villages in its vicinity, these customarily supplying it with meat and produce. These villages may or may not be tributary to the city. It is common, of course, for a city to protect those villages whether they are tributary to the city or not, which make use of its market.

 Page 144:

Lady Sabina of Fortress of Saphronicus from among her retainers, on her journey to be joined in companionship to Thandar of Ti, of Ti, of the Four Cities of Saleria, those comprising the Salerian Confederation. The motivation for this abduction, as well as the motivation for the companionship originally, was apparently political. The companionship was to weld commercial and political relationships between Fortress of Saphronicus and the Salerian Confederation, which was an aggressive and expanding league of cities northeast of the Vosk. The growing power of the Salerian Confederation was not viewed with favor by the city of Ar, which, lying in Gor’s northern hemisphere, is the major power between the Vosk and the Cartius, and between the Voltai Range and Thassa, the sea.

 Page 146:

Clitus Vitellius, my master, was a captain of Ar. It had been his charge, I supposed, doubtless placed upon him by Marlenus of Ar, Ubar of that city, to prevent or disrupt the imminent alliance forming between Fortress of Saphronicus and the Confederation of Saleria, an alliance to be confirmed and sealed in the companionship of Thandar of Ti, youngest of the five sons of Ebullius Gaius Cassius, of the Warriors, Administrator of Ti, of the Salerian Confederation, and the Lady Sabina, the daughter of Kleomenes, high merchant of Fortress of Saphronicus.

 Page 419:

She had once been the Lady Sabina of Fortress of Saphronicus, the daughter of Kleomenes, of Fortress of Saphronicus, promised in Companion Contract, in a proposed political alliance intended to further the fortunes of Fortress of Saphronicus and the Salerian Confederation, to the fifth son of the warrior, Ebullius Gaius Cassius, the Administrator of Ti, Thandar of Ti, also of the warriors.





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