” ‘Bracelets!’ I said in Gorean, harshly.
She snapped to position, hands behind the small of
her back, head lifted, chin up, turned to the left.
In such a posture she may be conveniently put in
bracelets, and leashed.”
[Tribesman of Gor, pg 78]

The books do not differentiate between standing or kneeling for this position. Online the standing position is referred to as “High Bracelets”.

This girls mindset, as requested by Master:

Again, knowing that i would willingly submit to being restrained in this way created mixed emotions. There was an element of excitement knowing i would be helpless and bound, and without any control.. and an element of concern for all the same reasons.

Master’s mindset, viewing the girl (Argos-FoS-CA):

A simple position yet powerful.  Bracelets is one of those positions seldom used yet when you think of it, you realize that a woman will – by your command – accept the confinement and prepare herself both physically and mentally for the surrender implicitly provided by putting her in bracelets or in a leash.  Her movements are restricted and controlled by you.  She cannot feed herself, she cannot give herself a drink, she cannot even scratch that itch on the side of her nose.  She is completely dependent on you.  That’s the good news, and the bad news.  She is, therefore, completely your responsibility.  What you do with her is up to you, as a Free Man of Gor, but then do you obtain a slave simply to abuse her?  Or, as Norman often points out, find her one of your more valued possessions?  If it is the latter then you have tremendous responsibilities – like any leader – to make sure she’s in this position to learn something whether overtly or covertly.  She is yours to mold in whatever shape will please you most; do it right.