picture of a slave looking inside herself

Painting by Pablo Picasso, Girl in the Mirror

Writing a dance is the one thing that scares me the most about slavery.  It’s not so much the writing in of itself, but the content.  The Gorean dance is the opportunity that a slave has to express her feelings about any given subject.  In fact, that raw, bare your soul, emotion is expected of a slave.

I have never danced before and I know that eventually it will be required of me to do so, but the idea of laying open my soul and showing my deepest emotion is quite frankly horrifying to me.  It’s hard enough baring my soul to a Master who requires it when I am in his service, much less baring it to a whole room full of people whom I barely know.

So this begs the question, does every slave go through this?  I would say that the chances are pretty good that most slaves do, in fact struggle with that first dance.  We constantly ask ourselves, ‘what if its’ no good?’ ↓ Read the rest of this entry…