Greetings Masters,
Greetings Mistresses,
Greetings sisters,

Good morning to all you Sardar Fairs Revelers!! Rise and Shine.

Last night was great once the Great Treasure Hunt was underway. This event, hosted by Gorean Compass, has always been, and continues to be an enjoyable and fun event. (And i’m not just saying that cause i left with more loot than the Master of TRH  raiding Nyoki.)   Later in the evening (while i was still counting my loot) we were entertained by the lovely ka’li of Ianda as she danced her submission to the CA of Ianda.

But today.. Today will be very different. Today is the day that we slaves have all been waiting for. Today is a day for some merrymaking, mischief,and all around mayhem.  A day to switch roles. A day when slaves go out of their way (ok, it’s not that far out of our way for some of us *grins*) to tease and play tricks on the unsuspecting Free Men and Women of Gor in the spirit of the season.  Kajuralia Day!! All day. So Come on out to the fairgrounds girls and Free alike…prepare to be pranked, teased, and tricked. Then join us later in the evening and indulge yourselves in some boisterous and noisy festivities as the TRH Kajuralia Tavern/Inn opens it’s doors @ 5pm. Paga will flow throughout the night or at least until 8 pm when BE launches its RPG and i’m not talking rocket propelled grenades (though that would be right in line for both Kajuralia and the Builders Enclave), I’m talking real live role playing.

Yes, role playing is back at the Fairs for the first time in who knows how long (i asked my Jarl and he said he remembers the last time all too well, sort of like the sinking of the Titanic.  His words, not mine).  Tonight all who are interested in learning about role play are urged to come and discuss it.  After the discussion, there will be an opportunity for players to randomly pick roles complete with partial bios so we can rock the house down on Saturday’s main event.  If you’ve ever wandered just what RP is, tonight’s your chance.  If you’ve been waiting to hone your skills against the best PalGor has to offer, here’s your chance.  Pick up those dice and give them a roll, and see just what there is out there waiting for you.

For the fairs,
Dvorak’s wench