” ‘Have that one stand, to be examined,’ said a man.
‘Cotina, stand, examination position!’ snapped Targo.
Cotina stood, her legs widely spread, her head back,
her hands clasped behind the back of her neck. It is hard
for a woman to move from this position and she must be
concerned with her balance. The subtle adjustments and
tenseness required to maintain her balance keep her even
more helplessly in place, and these adjustments and this
tenseness will also be expressed in her posture, providing
body-language cues bespeaking obedience and servitude.
Too, obviously this posture bares her vulnerably, and her
hands cannot interfere with the examination. The position
of the arms, the hands clasped behind the back of the neck,
or, sometimes, behind the back of the head, lifts the bosom,
exhibiting it beautifully.”
[Prize of Gor, p247]

In ‘Prize of Gor’ (Book 27), Norman introduces the former “onlinism” of ‘display’ as an official position in the books, and called it the ‘Examination Position’.  Then again, in ‘Swordsmen of Gor’ (Book 29), Norman re-introduces this same position as the ‘Inspection Position’.  The term “Display Position” never appearred in the books, and the position itself was never described in the way it was practiced online until Prize of Gor.  Previously girls were put on display and made to show themselves, but without the hands behind their head/necks and the specified stance etc..   From reading the latter books it seems that Norman is allowing some online influences into his most recent works.

This girl’s mindset, as requested by Master:
This position creates a feeling of anxiousness and self-consciousness. .  In it i am very aware that i am being appraised and judged.. so there is the anxiety of feeling if i am good enough, do i measure up?  Then there is the humiliation to a degree, of being handled like an animal as my mouth is opened so that my teeth may checked for dental health.. fingers and hands probing every inch of my body, even the most intimate places.. and course my phsyical reaction to some of those touches, the arousal they stimulate.  i find it a very vulnerable position, but also an exhilierating one in a perverse way, because i want to be found of interest of men, i want them to like what they see and more then that.. i want them to want me.

Master’s mindset, viewing the girl (Argos-FoS-CA):

By now you have to ask yourself; why so much emphasis on the positions of Gor?  The answer is simple; Gor is the only subculture of BDSM that has standardized positions; each is deliberately established in the books to accentuate the girls slavery.

Why is this important?

Because a slave without instruction is a woman in need and unfulfilled.  Do the positions by themselves solve the problems?  No, not at all, they are simply a tool used by the Master to achieve some effect:

  • It allows her to show her submission and devotion.
  • It forces her to concentrate in presenting his object and her need to obey
  • It gives her a sense of a slave’s helplessness, and reminds her of her status.
  • It is part of her physical and mental training.
  • It helps to shape her behavior, and gives her confidence as he learns to do it well.
  • It is one of the tools available to teach her patience

That is what the Master gains from a slave who knows her positions well.  Yet there are other advantages to the positions as well:

  • It can be part of her disciplining or punishment.
  • It displays her body for the Master’s pleasure.
  • It gives simple and quick access to her body for sexual and sensual arousal.
  • It is a great way to display your exhibitionist slave as a reward, or as a punishment for your shy slave.
  • It makes her available for public display.

Too often Masters overlook the usefulness of the slave positions as a tool for managing the slave’s actions.  They are a great tool to shape or modify behavior.  The key is that the positions quickly put the slave in a helpless situation where their mind sent, personal pride in pleasing her Master, can prepare her for training and or discipline.

This position “Examination” can very well be used to meet all of the above.  She is there, vulnerable and aware that she is being judged by the eyes and mind of her Master.  As a slave girl, stand there, in front of the mirror – this is simple enough  to do – and allow your mindset to imagine standing before your Master in this position – what would he say; what would he think; what would he do to you?