“There are four such fairs, administered by the merchants, held annually in the vicinity of the Sardar, those of En’Kara, En’Var, Se’Kara and Se’Var.”  [Players of Gor,  p169]

“Four times a year, correlated with the solistices and equinoxes, there are fairs held in the plains below the mountains, presided over by the committees of Initiates, Fairs in which men of many cities mingle without bloodshed, times of truce, times of contests and games, of bargaining and marketing.”  [Outlaws of Gor, p47]

With the onset of Spring, the Fest of En’Var will soon begin in Palace Gor.

Everyone is invited to come along and join in the Festivities.

There will be dances,  games, discussion nights, and even some theatrical culture.

Commencing Friday, 17 June and finishing on Sunday, 26 June, 2011.. at Sardar Fairs:


To keep up to date with all the events please refer to the GP Calendar of Events:


Events will be updated as they come to hand.

If you own a Gorean Home Stone on Palace and would like to participate in the Fairs, please contact one of the Committee Members:-

Master Joss of WhiteWater

Master Torin of Focus

Master Kiswahili of Jort’s Ferry

Master Kazrik of Tower of Hope

Master Hoode of  3 Moons

or put your name on the sign up list:


signup table is under the database section

there is also a great FAQ section there

rules for building are listed under Files.. building finishes 12 June.

We hope to see you there!!