Greetings Masters
Greetings Mistresses
Greetings sisters

sura slave of Steel Dawn here with the latest happenings at the Fair of Se’Var. Tonight was the Fair’s Discussion with talk that was both lively and informative. Then to finish off the evening the Masters and slaves gathered at the Sparring Ring Hosted by White Castle of Treve where all got to witness an exciting demonstration by Master of Steel Dawn and Jarl of TRH.

Events for Tomorrow are at 7pm a Fireside Reading Hosted by Steel Dawn featuring Nomads of Gor please come and listen and join in the discussion.

As sura wanders the fairgrounds looking for the best chocolate booth as well as certain sleigh for Head Mistress i see lots enjoying the Builders Enclave Winter Tour that runs all week. Many are trying their hand at grabbing the top spot of the week long Yahtzee Tournament.

Hopes all enjoy the Events and Games and have a wonderful Se’Var experience.

sura slave of Steel Dawn