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Greetings kajirae

The first brave contestants of the Game of Bones were the Master Physician and Master of Bazi. There was much talk and wagering over who would win! Moi won by a landslide, but there was a tense moment for sure when Master of Bazi started to mak a comeback. So many bets were on the table that it took an ehn or two to settle up all the bets. The next round was between Master of TRH and the Master Warrior. These were the tieingst 2 Masters ever! However, Master of TRH finally got on a roll and was victorious! The next battle happened between Mistress of Bazi and the Mistress in the lovely purple robe. After a fierce battle, the end result was Mistress in Purple having the funds to buy a new robe! The final throwdown was a battle between Master of Bazi and Master of SD. (Thinks one of Them was hoping to redeem Himself from an earlier lost.) However, the stones were not kind to Bazi again, and Master of SD walked away with a win.

What another wonderful night at the Fairs it was! Tomorrow, we have more fun to look forward to. First, warm up your nighttime beverages and settle in for a Story Telling session from 7 to 8pm, hosted by 3PG. Afterwards, there is an opportunity to get up and exercise at the Bazi Boat Races from 8 -9 pm.

If Yahtzee is your cup of Bazi Tea, you better get to rolling; first place is over 1000 points!!!! And if you haven’t been on the BE Winter Tour, you are missing out on something amazing! Be sure to stop by and enjoy this holiday favorite before time is up!

well wishes,
jaz of BE