Greetings Masters
Greetings Mistresses
greetings sisters and brothers

Good Morning Fair Goers:

There is a full list of events to keep all on their toes tonight.. while the daylight hours are a perfect time to wander about the many different stalls of merchandise. Perhaps run across the perfect costume for the masquerade ball on Friday night, Can’t wait to see who is who dancing away in the Winter Gorland..

coming up tonight:

6-7pm EST Spin the Ax hosted by slave Myst
8-9pm EST Builders Caste Meeting
8-9pm EST Warriors Caste Meeting
8-9:15pm EST Scribes Meeting
8-9pm EST Merchants Tent
9:30-10pm EST {sivia} of Iron Circle dances
10-11pm EST Yahtzee hosted by slave Myst

Please be sure to take a wander through BE’s Winter Tour on your way to shake the die and get the high score in the Fair’s Yahtzee Tournament.

Please have a wonderful day, and enjoy the wonderful games and rooms at the Fair

Well wishes

shani, slave of Joss