Tal Men

Tal Ladies

greetings slaves

The Fair of Se’Kara opens today!!!

17  Homes have set their camps on the Fairgrounds.

There are several events taking place over the duration of the Fair. One is an amazing Trivia game facilitated  by Treve, You will find the start in our Featured rooms – don’t forget to have your score registered – either by giving it to a resident of Treve or to a fair helper. Scooter tells me there are amazing prizes to be won and that he will announce the winner at the Closing Ceremony.

The quest to achieve the highest Yahtzee score continues untill 5 pm on the final day – again don’t forget to register high scores. Builder’s Enclave have an event which begins today – the 64K race – all will be explained at the intro 8pm tonight.

The Expo of Crafts is open throughout the Fair.  It is disappointing that so few have chosen to support this initiative but what is displayed shows the the many talents of av makers,  room makers and creative writers amongst us. As some categories have few entries – in the Building Section – some have been concertinaed into the  Rooms of Choice category. Also all the writings have been put together. Voting for it opens on Sunday!!

Tomorrow Know Your Gor is at 7 est.

and Wheel of Gortune is at 9.

Today at the Fair there will be a Gathering in the Refreshment Tent at 6:45. I hope to see you there. Mine’s a paga if you are buying.

Ta Sardar Gor