“‘Spread your knees,’ he said,
‘kneel straight, back on your heels, head up,
palms of your hands down on your thighs.’
The slave began to tremble.
‘Head up!’ he said. ‘Do you wish to be put in
a high collar, to keep your head up?’
‘No, Master,’ she said, quickly.
Such collars are common with Kur pets.
They are also used from time to time in slave training.
‘Do you know in what position you have been placed?’ he asked.
Certainly this was a rhetorical question, for she would have
learned this position in the pleasure cylinder, and Cabot,
himself, in the pleasure cylinder, near Lake Fear, and elsewhere,
had put her in it often enough.
‘The position of a Gorean pleasure slave,’ she said. ”
[Kur of Gor, P662-663]

“Suddenly one fellow said, sharply, ‘Position!’
Instantly, reflexively, Iole and Alcinoë, frightened,
knelt, back on their heels, knees spread, back straight,
head up, looking ahead, neither to the left or right,
the palms of their hands down, firmly, on their thighs.”
[Mariners of Gor, P299]

” Cabot had then fed her by hand, she in primary slave position,
and with her knees spread, as she was that sort of slave.
He also, in hand-feeding her, had required that she keep her
hands, palms down, firmly, on her thighs.”
[Kur of Gor,  P400]

In the recent books Norman introduces alternative names for the position of nadu.. ‘1st position’,  ‘primary position’, ‘position of gorean pleasure slave’.  In Book 29, “Swordsmen of Gor” he also states variations to the position.

Variations, of course, occur. Sometimes, perhaps in markets, the girl will kneel with her wrists crossed behind her, as though bound, or will have her hands clasped behind the back of her head, or the back of her neck. This lifts the breasts, nicely.
[Swordsmen of Gor,   P181]


This girl’s mindset, as requested by Master:
The same as for nadu… my heart beats more rapidly, i am very self conscious, making sure that my posture is correct, feeling very exposed and vulnerable… and totally submissive.  The idea of kneeling before a man is humbling, but to be kneeling with your legs spread is like a whale swimming belly up inviting a fisherman to spear it’s stomach… in the position i am not only openly presenting one of the most physically vulnerable parts of my body, but also one of the most emotionally vulnerable.

Master’s mindset, viewing the girl (Argos-FoS-CA):

Pleasure slaves are often displayed nicely for the viewing enjoyment of the Masters around the girl.  Yet it is a good position to teach a new slave.  Her body is exposed, her shyness done away with, her need to squirm evident instantly.  It takes her focus and need to obey to a new height.  She is exposed.  Her earthly upbringing put aside, and she is open for pleasure.  Nadu – it its many forms – is truly one of my favorite positions.  A girl can be moved from this position to many others quickly, and she must learn to do it graciously.

Try it with your girl.  If you are a slave without a Master you may still try it; but making sure you have a mirror where you can observe yourself and maintain that position for a while; let your imagination run.