Greetings Masters
Greetings Mistress
Greetings sisters in slavery

Good evening Fair goers first I’d like to congratulate the newest Free Companion Couple from last night. Master CA of Nykoli Keep and Mistress of the Keep. May your union be long and blessed with many happy memories.

And another great performance from aisha of JoV way to go on your dance, just brilliant very talented indeed!

For today’s events we have many more fun things going on.

  • Today we have A Larl Race by TAFA, now this sounds like fun; you’ve got to get in on that! Come join the fun! 7-8
  • Then we have the lovely girl of the Keep adal doing a dance for us all to enjoy 8-8:30

Come share the fun and excitement at the Fairs where the community comes together for growth and learning.

p.s yes i admit to letting in the extra small guest into the Inn! lol

Thank you Masters

Thank You Mistress

Thank you sisters in slavery



May your day always be as blessed as you have made mine.