Greetings Masters,
Greetings Mistresses,
Greetings sisters,
Good morning!! kajuralia day has come and gone! And as the sun set over the fairs..the Kajuralia Tavern swung open its doors..and a whole lotta something went on… There were lizards, urts, and kajira juice spilling everywhere, but mainly down the girls’ throats. kaj has to wonder who drank the most? Was it the Master of White Waters or his girl shani? or the Master of SD and his girls? *looks to firey* And well the conversations that took place, let’s just say you had to have been there to believe it.
After the Tavern was the BE Launch of a new era in Role Playing. Are you ready? Seems this upcoming Saturday the Fairs will be invaded by the Community Players of Gor as they put on a live performance of “A day at the Palms”. It’s not too late for you to get in on the fun. Speak to Dvorak for more information.
But wait that’s not all, there’s still a lot of other fun stuff to do before the weekend gets here. In fact, on todays calendar the following events are scheduled:

Thursday 3/16:
TRH- Oar Dance- 7:30,
The Keep FC Ceramony/Feast 8pm,
{aisha} of JoV dances 9:30pm
For the Fairs,
Dvoraks wench