Tal Free,
Greetings slaves,
Hello to all the visitors,

The work to give Gorean Palaces a facelift is ongoing and picking up steam.  A small group of very dedicated people, Joss, Dvorak, Fire-Designer, Taka, kajyn and jaz have been creating a great deal of backgrounds, and very targeted wording for the website.

Building a website is much like building a house.  There are times when it appears to go slowly; for example, when they are building the foundation and the basement.  Then there are times when you think it could not go any faster; that’s when the walls are framed and rough covered.  Then it slows down again.

In the past two weeks, we’ve experienced all of those.  The fast part was showing everyone the general layout of the site.  The oh’s and ah’s rang through the meeting.  Then everyone started to notice improvements.  So that was quick.

Starting to take shape…

image of Gorean Palaces Facelift

Starting to take shape…

Then it slowed down.  Building the template takes time.  It has to be flexible, and it all has to look like it fits together.  Then it slowed down some more.  Building the menu structure that ties it all together.  Two steps forward, one and a half steps backwards.  Try again.  Repeat till nearly insane.  I did say nearly, right?

Want to take a look at the latest version of the pre-prototype?  Good, I was hoping you’d say yes.

Click on this link.

Leave us all messages on what you think, what you’d do differently, and what you feel you could help us develop.

Till next week,

Keep those cards and letters coming in – or comments (much easier, not as costly).