Greetings Jarls,
Greetings Mistresses,
Greetings sisters and brothers,


kaj hopes that all are well on their way to recovery from the recent Sardar Fairs, En’Kara. The First of the Fairs for 2017, was a great start and good omen for those to come, including the feast of En’Var which runs from June 16th through 25th. If you’re like kaj, you’ve already marked your calendars.  If you haven’t, now’s the time so you don’t miss out.

As many of you know, one of the great things about the Fairs is that they aren’t over when they’re over ’cause we’ve got VIDEO to let us relive them whenever we want.  Well maybe not just yet, but we’ll have video pretty soon ’cause that’s what kaj is working on now.  If anyone took pictures and wants to have them included in this Fair fav, please send them to kajyn asap and no later than April 1st.   Thank you ahead of time.

Finally, as some of you might know, kaj Techs for EP as needed and part of this is making sure everyone knows all the other fun stuff that goes on in Palace so here’s a big kajyn plug for the 2nd Annual EP Easter Egg Hunt (rumor has it there might even be painted tarn eggs).  This great event isn’t a tour, but a palace-wide competition to find, collect and keep the most eggs, and if there’s one thing Goreans love to do is WIN, so come join the fun and show them your PalGor spirit.  It promises to be a whole lotta fun and laughter (two other things that Goreans are into) in this every man, woman, child and slave for him or herself.

I hope you all can make it and show up for the event and if you’re interested in finding out more about it, or hosting some Hunt rooms at your Home, the link for information/sign up is:


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