Drum Roll


“Before him, since this was a large ship, there sat a keleustes, a strong man, a time-beater, with leather-wrapped wrists. He would mark the rowing stroke with blows of wooden, leather-cushioned mallets on the head of a huge copper-covered drum.” 

Raiders of Gor

Welcome to the ninth edition of the DRUM – A  publication made by and for the residents of PalGor.

24th Day of the Eleventh Month  10,163 Contasta Ar

Tal Goreans

One very pleasurable duty  I have as an Administrator,  at dawn on the first day of En’Kara, is to, in the name of White Water, greet the sun, welcoming it on the first day of the New Year.

“Then, at dawn, on the first day of En’Kara, in the name of the city, the Administrator of Ar, or a Ubar if it be Ubar, greets the sun, welcoming it to Ar on the first day of the New Year.”
Assassin of Gor

En’Kara-Lar-Torvis,  the first  month rapidly approaches. It is the month of the vernal equinox. The “First Turning of the Central Fire.” A time when we reflect on what has passed and look forward and plan for the new year.

To my mind this issue of the DRUM illustrates that, for PalGor, this coming new year holds more hope than it has for some time.  The articles and contributions show the commitment and  drive that is needed to make our community progress. It is great to see people PLANNING – COMMUNICATING – LEADING – EDUCATING. Long may it continue!!

This month also brings the second anniversary of kari’s death. Those who knew her I am sure will remember her with sadness …..but also with a smile at their memories of her.

i believe firmly that people come into our lives for a reason, usually so that we may learn from them.. some stay, some move on… {karimah}Å«Fo§»:

My thanks to all who have contributed in any way  and also to those who took the time to add their comments and insights to the last edition. I hope more will make use of that option.

I wish all well


Administrator of White Water

FEB 2014