Drum Roll


Before him, since this was a large ship, there sat a keleustes, a strong man, a time-beater, with leather-wrapped wrists. He would mark the rowing stroke with blows of wooden, leather-cushioned mallets on the head of a huge copper-covered drum.” Raiders of Gor

Welcome to the eleventh edition of the DRUM – A publication made by and for the residents of PalGor.

1st Day of the Second Hand of the Eleventh Month

10,165 Contasta Ar.

Tal Goreans

I had an interesting discussion a few weeks back with a man who was new to Palace  and had only recently heard of Gor. He was interested to learn what Gor was about and so I went through with him the basics. As I am sure we have all done at sometime I said those words “You really need to read the Books” – to which he asked “and why is that?”. We know the stock answer to that also – The Books provide us with the background and knowledge that those of earth get from their families, their local and national societies and cultures. It is only through reading the books that we can know Gor and get into the mindset of a Gorean.

His next question – “Whats the main difference between the mindset of a Gorean and that of someone from earth?” My first thought was to say  something about attitudes to slavery – and we spoke on that and some other points. It was later that I gave the question more thought. There are many differences I believe and narrowing it down to the MAIN difference is not easy …but after a few pagas and much deliberation I have come to the decision  that the primary difference is that on earth most civilizations preach that all people are equal, have equal value. On Gor the opposite is true. Gor is  about unequality.

“The morality of Earth, from the Gorean point of view, is a morality which would be viewed as more appropriate to slaves than free men. It would be seen in terms of the envy and resentment of inferiors for their superiors. It lays great stress on equalities and being humble and being pleasant and avoiding friction and being ingratiating and small. It is a morality in the best interest of slaves, who would be only too eager to be regarded as the equals of others. We are all the same. That is the hope of slaves; that is what it is in their interest to convince others of. The Gorean morality on the other hand is more one of inequalities, based on the assumption that individuals are not the same, but quite different in many ways. It might be said to be, though this is oversimple, a morality of masters.” Marauders of Gor, p.8

Goreans know their status – their place in society and their role. A High Caste man knows he is superior to a person of low caste. A peasant knows he is superior to an outlaw. Goreans are well versed in hierarchy and this impacts on all aspects of their lives. For example it affects gender issues. It impacts on ideas of male dominance. It allows strong females to take on roles of office. In general low caste men are deferential to a woman of High Caste. She has Double Knowledge. She can vote.

Indeed this philosophy colours all aspects of Gor – such as slavery, Caste, guilds, Home Stones – an endless list. On reflection I have always found it interesting and productive, on a personal level to talk with people about Gor, who are new to it, as it often makes me think again about some things that I tend to become complacent about.

The man I was talking to decided he didn’t go for the idea of a society where inequality was the norm. This put me in mind of some words of John Norman in an interview he gave….

“In a gray, polluted country, where one’s mind is expected to wear a uniform, where acres of books are indistinguishable from one another, where values are engineered, and attitudes are packaged like corn flakes, where a small number of individuals will determine what you may and may not read, something different, that hints at truths you recognize but have been ordered to ignore, is likely to attract attention.

When the Gorean galley came to port, she carried exotic goods and news from remote, surprising lands. 

Even if she is driven away, she might not be forgotten.

She has been once to port, and might be remembered. One likes to hear of other lands.

They exist.”

This month brings the third anniversary of kari’s death. Those who knew her I am sure will remember her with sadness …..but also with a smile at their memories of her

My thanks to all who have contributed in any way to this issue – and also to those who took the time to add their comments and insights to the last edition. I hope more will make use of this option. GorApathy can not be allowed to win!!!

I wish all well


Administrator of White Water

Feb 2015