A Quiet Contemplation


Recently I found Myself in a discussion of a quite interesting scenario. It actually had started in a far earlier discussion about the time span between some of the books of Gor. There is a creative time frame for any and all kinds of writings that do vary depending upon many factors. There is a whole process into putting a novel together, and if the story is an ongoing one it is even more involved. One book to the next must always show the continuity, keep the flow so to speak. And then there was this thought spoken, and it was intriguing. Suppose the delay between the books was not due to the normal writing process but was due to something else. Perhaps the esteemed author, was making trips to the Gorean Realm, finding freedom, and inspiration, even facts for His next novel. What a provocative thought. He could at will traverse both realms. There are those theorists out there that talk of other realms, and how there are thin veils that can under certain circumstances be pierced. That there are faults or time lines than can be crossed, or parted to allow passage. Such phenomenon can even allow passage back.


Imagine if that were possible, to not merely create the role play of a Gorean Lifestyle but to be able to experience it firsthand. Any individual who so desired could take that leap and enter into the very books themselves. Enter the life that Norman has created. Men being able to place Themselves into the situations of Tarl Cabot. Experience each of His adventures, of Marlenus , or say Kuurus. I mean the cast of names is endless. Perhaps even to create a new character. After all, where do some of the names come from that Men have chosen to use? Names from the books, names that would possibly be found in the books. What are the images that most choose, ones based on the very descriptions again from the books? It would be very simple to slip into the roles after all it is, the Lifestyle in Their hearts. The challenge of proving Their worth in ways that are not possible in reality. To be able to stand strong and be taken note of, to live by codes that society in real has long since forgotten. To be able to test Themselves every day. To choose What and Who They wish to be.  There is no corporate ladder to climb or engineered testing. The tests are far different and far more visceral. The dues to be paid are more personal. In My Own, perhaps small opinion to Some, such possibilities would be intriguing and desirable to a Man.


Speaking on the behalf of a FW, the choices are a bit more limited but even more challenging. After reading the books there is forewarned knowledge of the fate of many a FW.There is the saga of Judy Thornton from the Earth realm that is a slave in the Gorean Realm.  Whether by choice or by the right of Men, it is quite a dangerous prospect to consider just slipping into the realm that is not role play but is, perhaps a reality there , a real world.  Would take quite a certain kind of Woman to take on such a challenge. Where in Real a Woman’s freedom is far more enlarged than in the Gorean world. My thoughts there would be that perhaps, some Women might find surprisingly the same lack of a code of honor that Men find. Women might find that society has taken a lot of the surprise, and adventure from life. Monetary power, the insatiable desire of possessions to mark a Man as successful seem to have robbed the very character and heart of Men; perhaps to some Women that is not attractive or desirable.

Then there are those that wish to serve, that have hearts that are not to lead but to follow. To serve and fulfill the needs of those that do lead. Definitely in the real realm that is not as easily done without finding some kind of censure or, even prejudice. That might be the crux, Society norms and acceptance have taken so much of the heart out of daily existence. Little wonder that serving hearts as well as Independent Hearts, would seek a realm that actually offers freedom. Does sound odd, does it not, to say that there is possibly more freedom in the Gorean lifestyle than in reality?


So now there it is, a possible explanation of the length of times between novels. John Norman travels to the Gorean Realm.  Now that I have put the idea into Your thoughts, of the possibility for You Yourself to leave the Real and enter the Realm of Gor. What would You do?  If there were a ship at the dock and You heard the calls of Men entreating You to step on board. To hear the cries of slaves seeking a Male to guide and hold them. Suppose a Woman was out for a walk and took a turn in the road, and found a pathway, that She had never seen before, with a road post that had a name totally unrecognizable.  What would She  do? Would You board that ship? Would She take that path? You have read the books, You know some of what awaits. You know what You would leave. Modern technological conveniences of every source left behind. The known and yet the unknown all left behind. And there is always, the chance that You could not come back once You made that choice. What would the fate be of Those that made the choice to go? And if You did not go, would Your life be spent with, “what ifs”?

What would Your choice be? Even now the ship is waiting, the path is untried, the signage showing the way. After all do We really know what is impossible and what is not?

What would You do,, What choice would You make? How long do We have to decide?  How many chances do We get? Decisions, decisions.  What is the decision?  What is the choice? Did Norman find the secret path? Something to think about, do You not think?


Article submitted by Quiet. 

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