Drum Roll

Before him, since this was a large ship, there sat a keleustes, a strong man, a time-beater, with leather-wrapped wrists. He would mark the rowing stroke with blows of wooden, leather-cushioned mallets on the head of a huge copper-covered drum.” Raiders of Gor

Welcome to the twelfth edition of the DRUM – A publication made by and for the residents of PalGor.

2nd day of First Hand of the 9th Month

in the year 10,165 CA

Tal Goreans

PalGor has lost one of its finest recently with the passing of Saul of Tafa. He has not managed to be on-line for sometime due to his ill health but his that does not diminish his loss.

Those who knew him will remember him in their own, individual ways. To me he was a man I admired on two counts. One being his ablity to set standards for himself but not to judge others for theirs – to be accepting. Secondly – as many will – I remember his love of fun – something often missing in PalGor.

It was great to see so many at his memorial service – especially those who have not been into PalGor in awhile. I am sure this was a comfort to Sno and an indication of just how well he was thought of.

My thanks to all who have contributed to this edition of the DRUM. I really enjoyed reading them and hope you do also. It is good to see the return of some “old” columnists – and also to welcome a new writer – Quiet. All their efforts are much appreciated.

Please take the time to comment and/or expand where possible, on any article. You do not have to agree with sentiments expressed!!! Just be respectful and positive!!!

I wish all well

Joss – Administrator of White Water

November 2015




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