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Alliances, we all have them.  You know what I mean, those homes or people that we find ourselves spending our lives as Goreans with: those of like mind and a common purpose who come together to create an online environment that is beneficial and an atmosphere that they can enjoy as a group.  Today I would like to speak about such alliances and how they relate to us in not only Palgor but how they relate to us with regards to the books.


Before I get started I would like to point out that the comments below are simply those of my own experience, they are my views and mine alone and should not reflect the views of any other group, person or City within Palace Gor.


About 6 years ago when I first arrived on Palace, there was a type of alliance that had been formed called Gorean Palaces.  A group of Gorean Palaces came together to create the website where this article is posted, along with a Discussion Forum, instructions on how to get to our community and how to download the chat client and how to use said client.


As evidence shows on the Forum, there were some in Palgor who were throwing out accusations of exclusivity, someone trying to take over or ‘run’ Gor, how it would never work, how it would ruin our community, the list goes on and on.  Good men were accused of being upstart Goreans wanting to take over and would ultimately destroy Gor.


It’s my understanding that when the Sardar Fairs were formed, there was much the same talk at first but while there are some successful Fairs and some not so much, it is still going and still bringing us together for a week each season.


After spending a good solid 4 years or so in Palgor, I took a much needed break away from Gor.  Something had happened to me and I really wasn’t sure where I fit in any longer, if at all.  I think that some of us, women in particular go through this at times.  We all have our ups and downs, we all make our mistakes but after a couple of years, with a few short visits, of soul searching, I was able to find my way back to the community that for the most part, I love.


Upon my return I found another alliance had formed.  Tor Tu Gor.  A group of men decided to get together and create a Gorean atmosphere by doing their best to apply their online Gorean homes as close to the books as possible for our medium.  A requirement to join Tor Tu Gor is simply to dedicate your home to the promotion of reading the books and simply BE Gorean.  Be WHO and WHAT you claim to be and simply put, remember that Gor isn’t what you make it, but Gor is what it makes you.  (Understand here that this is my interpretation of what they are about and what I have observed, it is not their words but rather my understanding according to their own Creed and what has been explained to me by the members.)


When I was first told about this group I asked, “Is there a problem with that?”  I have to say the response that I received was astounding.  It was basically the same as the accusations for the Gorean Palaces group.


After another short break due to my offline life, I return to find the Gor Server, which was set up as a tool for the GP for those who are new to Palace coming in through Open Palace through the Gorean Palaces website, to be able to land in a central location where they can find people rather than random Gorean Palaces that could possibly be empty.  So once again, there is another group of homes that have gotten together to participate in this endeavor and once again, there is more suspicion and accusations of some great takeover of Gor.  Some homes participate, some do not.  Some people dislike it, some like it, others are neutral.  Whether or not it will be a success, time will tell.  It’s still very new but I do know that the intention behind it is good, so that does count for something.


So what does this all mean for us as a community?  I’ll tell you what it means, it means that we are Gorean, we are human.  Throughout the history of man, there have been groups formed.  It started with various tribes and has graduated to cities, countries and multi-national alliances as well.  Goreans were no different.


Goreans lived in separate cities.  These cities sometimes formed alliances with other cities for various reasons but to name two there was The Vosk League, and the Selarian Confederation.  Did they get along?   No.  Did all cities on Gor get along, hold hands and sing Kumbaya?   No.  Goreans by and large disliked and felt threatened by alliances that they were not a part of, evidence of this can be found in Slave Girl of Gor, where the Lady Sabina of The Fortress of Saphronicus was captured and enslaved so that she couldn’t FC a man from a city in the Selarian Confederation which as a result would add FoS to said Confederation thus strengthening it.


Goreans were individuals, each with their set of principles, beliefs and goals.  There were groups of people who would band together to promote trade and good will, particularly those of the same Caste and alliances were formed and treaties made between Cities that were typically beneficial to each City in some way or another, even if one City reaped the benefit of not being raided by the other.


The bottom line is this:  Gorean men have the right to band together and do as they wish to create the Gorean environment that they choose, so long as it’s a Gorean environment they are creating and not something that’s not Gor but wishing that it was.


Each current ‘alliance’ in Palace Gor today has merit; each of course has it downside as well.  The fact remains though, that through it all, we have a good community here in Palace and for those who remain, there is something that each of us can contribute.  There is something that each of us can enjoy.


It’s no secret the type of Gor I prefer, so I surround myself by those who can create that atmosphere for me to enjoy.  Being a woman in Gor is never easy for any of us, so we look to the men of Gor to create that atmosphere and lead the way.


None of the groups mentioned above are trying to tell the other how they must live their Gorean lives, oh sure we all have our views and sometimes voice them on the matter, but what one does in their own City, they are responsible for and they alone.  As a whole, the Palace Gor Community, though small, is strong and we prove that each and every time we get together for the Sardar Fair.


In closing, I would just like to add that I am glad to be back in Palgor and I am thankful for being asked to reopen Ladorria’s Quill for The Drum.  My opinions are my own and I stand by them.  If we all simply be who we are, and live our Gorean lives with dignity, honor and respect, if we are all willing to earn our place and work to retain that place, Palace Gor will be around for many years to come.


I wish you all most well.



Scribe of The Fortress of Saphronicus


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  1. Quiet says:

    Found the article well thought out, extremely well written, and very impartial. An observation and an individual viewpoint that carried much merit and shows much hope for the Community of Palace Gor. I enjoyed the article very much and learned even more. Thank You Ladorria

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