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It is this column’s continued intent to wave away the heady tea fumes, and have an honest look at the Free Women of the Gorean books- as well as our own Palace Beauties?

In these articles, we continue examining the state of Free Women amongst the society of Palace Gor, what good we bring to our society, and what corrective steps we can help make.  Today we look at the heart of the matter, for if the heart is not right, the rest will follow suit.

In this edition, we will be turning the looking glass at how our Palace Free women compare against those observed in the City of Tharna (specifically, in Outlaw of Gor).  As the leaves fall outdoors and the season turns, it is hard not to think of something much deeper than the reversal of roles.  I found myself wondering about the core of it.

How does it happen, to begin with? How does a society aligned with nature begin the slow spiral into reverse? How have similar spirals begun in Palace Gor? Everyone sighs about the ‘vacuum of power and women step in,’ but where does it start? Why does it persist? In Tharna, we see how a society of men can be conditioned to live without song, without color, and finally, without fulfillment. We see how the women suffer a false role and reality, as a result. Slowly the lyrics of celebration, Brotherhood, and Home Stone are lost to time. Slowly, the people suffer an unspoken lethargy that is the result of nature gone wrong. Is this a condition we have ever experienced?

‘Measuring a summer’s day, I only find it slips away to grey…’
Tangerine by Led Zeppelin (yes, a Zeppelin quote in a gorean article, finally…)

In Tharna, as well as in Palace, when we look about us and see only the grey, the colors we love slip away. The grey of hopelessness and despair becomes the norm, and the ‘good old days’ become a dreamy outreach. The moments of our lives are burned up instead of measured by the refilling of tharlarion oil lamps.

Ladies, in future editions and Teas, we will address the detailed steps we’ve faltered upon and look at our secondary role in helping create or remedy breakdowns.  But here at the core of things, I have to ask:  Are we acting and living what made us fall in love with Gor, originally? Are we wearing the vibrant colors that first attracted us here, or are we truly disguised in the outward grey of bitter confusion?

It is true that there is often a power vacuum, and one that will be filled one way or another. But the other side of that is a void that may go unfilled if we allow it- the void of heart, as it pertains to women. Ladies, many of you have been affected by wrongs against you. The wrong man (or woman) can leave a line of wrecked, wounded, and bitter souls in their wake. But what will we choose to become the product of? We can choose to become the embodiment of all that frames the beauty of the veil. Or, through negative thought and poor contribution, we too, may easily find ourselves hopelessly oppressed behind a silver mask of disillusionment…


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  1. Ladorria, Scribe of Fortress of Saphronicus says:

    Thank you for this Thalia, well said and much needed insight.

    I wish you well.

    Ladorria ~ FoS

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