PAGABOX GOR is an opportunity for anyone who wishes to book a time slot at GOR – to get up on their pagabox and rant about a subject close to their heart!! Respectfully of course!!

What follows is my contribution on the subject of Greetings in PalGor.

John Norman uses two words for when people meet – Tal and greetings.
As I am sure you are all aware the word “Tal” is used 96 times on 58 occasions and “greetings” is used 170 times on 113 occasions.

You will, of course, have spotted that these figures only cover Books 1 -26. I have not found anyone yet bored enough with their life to have counted such in the latest books.

There does not seem any set rules as to where and when – and by whom – each term is used. Generally speaking “Tal” seems to be a more formal greeting.

In PalGor – although not found in the books – it is usual that Free of any status use the term “Tal” only to each other and slaves use “greetings”.
Personally I have no issue with what word is used – although I like to use “Tal” as there are few ways we can follow Gorean traditions so it seems a shame to waste an opportunity.

My issue concerning greetings in PalGor is really 2-fold.

Firstly one’s station in life is VERY important on Gor. It is a hierarchical society and so any greeting needs to reflect respect.
When I first came to PalGor – many moons ago – most homes had Rules and also an Order of Greeting.

It was wise to consult both. There were differences – some maybe only slight – within Homes that could and did cause insult and conflict if not adhered to.

Some may think of such as petty –but – and no apologies for repeating – One’s station in life is VERY important to a Gorean.
What ever term is used it needs to show respect – Greeting in an acceptable manner also illustrates knowledge and understanding of Gorean society.

I am not going to go into what would be an acceptable order of greeting – what I will say is I believe greeting in an unacceptable order is not only disrespectful – it is ignorant.

Entering a room and acknowledging a low caste person before a Tatrix for example – or a FW before a FM of the Home is wrong and shows the greeter as having little respect for others, no understanding of Gor and no selfrespect.
We do not accept such behaviour from slaves – Free need then to set an example.

My second gripe as to greetings is similar in that it again shows the greeter to have little regard for how they appear to others.
This is the ”Tal A/all” brigade.
The “Greetings E/everyone!” club.
Tal and greetings – Tal is greetings so not sure what that one shows.

Gor needs structure!
Gor does not need lazy people who show such disregard for the rigid hierarchy that is Gor. Again it reflects badly on the greeter.

The use of capped and uncapped nouns comes from D/s I believe – not sure on that – again maybe that’s another times discussion.
So that’s my PagaBox gripe – lazy and disrespectful greetings.

I wish all well and hope you will consider sharing your gripes some time soon.

Administrator of White Water


3 Responses to PAGABOX GOR

  1. Ladorria, Scribe of Fortress of Saphronicus says:

    Tal Joss,

    Well written, though I would like to point out that titles such as CA and/or Tatrix or Ubar, etc only apply within the walls of their own city. Outside of their cities, they are simply travelers.

    I wish you well,


  2. Joss says:

    Interesting point – Outside their homes they were still, more than likely, people of a high caste – and therefore entitled to be shown respect as such.
    This moves on to understanding the prominence of Second Knowledge on the hierarchy and life in general.

    The Goreans have a habit of not revealing names easily. For themselves, particularly among the Lower Castes, they often have a real name and what is called a use name. Often only the closest relatives know the real name.

    On the level of the First Knowledge, it is maintained that knowing the real name gives one a power over a person, a capacity to use that name in spells and insidious magical practices. Perhaps something of the same sort lingers even on our native Earth, where the first name of a person is reserved for use, by those who know him intimately and presumably wish him no harm. The second name, which would correspond to the use-name on Gor, is common property, a public sound not sacred or to be protected. At the level of the Second Knowledge, of course, the High Castes, at least in general, recognize the baseless superstition of the Lower Castes and use their own names comparatively freely, usually followed by the name of their city. For example, I would have given my name as Tarl Cabot of Ko-ro-ba, or, more simply, as Tarl of Ko-ro-ba. The Lower Castes, incidentally, commonly believe that the names of the High Castes are actually use-names and that the High Castes conceal their real names.
    Tarnsman of Gor

    A woman of High Caste, for example, would be above a man of low caste – Gorean keigo? A vast subject lol

  3. Joss says:

    I am confused now – which part of what I have said are you calling an onlineism and saying is not in the books?
    Is it where I mentioned people should have and show respect? – or maybe it is the part where I spoke of First and Second Knowledge? Maybe that there are High and Low Castes?
    Maybe you did not recognise the quotes I referred to?

    I have no idea where your slave comes into it or where you see slaves reminding you of anything.

    The thread of my original post can be summarised as 1) that people should greet respectfully and 2) People should demonstrate knowledge.
    In my opinion I think both of these factors demonstrate self respect.

    It goes very much back to the old adage – Knowing a tomato is a fruit is useless if you don’t understand that it doesn’t go into a fruit salad. Hence knowledge of the books is always desirable – even vital – but useless without understanding.

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