PalGor Gives Thanks



These are the Thankful wishes from some of the Women and girls of Palace Gor.

“Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul.”

Henry Ward Beecher

“Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others.”  Cicero

“This is a wonderful day. I’ve never seen this one before.” Maya Angelou



Free Women of Palace Gor

  • “I am thankful for: The family I have found, their trust their love and their friendship. For friends I have made and those I have met and are no longer with us and very much missed. For now and for the future a path which we all will travel.” Ayiana~SD~Bldr


  • “I am grateful for the love and support of my SD family and for the friends that I have made in Palace Gor.”  Mina~SD


  • ~stands, her long dark hems scattering along cherished stones like falling leaves, her veiled head inclines in respect, hiding the fire shine of her autumn glance~ “Home Stone, Hearth Stone, Heart, how can words even describe the place I hunted for, haunted by, all of my life.  Thankfulness, Steel Dawn.   Respect, Love and Loyalty are Yours. The Walls that echo with life, the Ground that never trembles.  The Doors that open out onto savage beauty.  To the Possessing Boot falls that resound off these walls know; I am blessed and thankful for the Strength and Spirit that guides and inspires me, that catches me when I stumble. Because of You K, the darkness has never encroached upon this path.  The wilderness is wondrous…The Light shines on everything.  Thank you” ~cheshire grinz~

“I am thankful to my Family, the Men who everyday show untiring dedication, protection and support.  To my Sisters, you beautiful Women who love me at my worst, who offer unwavering support, and a dedication to Home that stuns me.

I am thankful to the determined and dedicated girls in chain who help form the layers of this Home. There is no task, no test, and no failure or success, that we do not discover together.  I am proud of how you have learned to “smack a beak” and kneel proudly with humble hearts.

I am thankful to the Family in this Community that never fail to have my back, to crack me up, and to remind me that we are sublimely and beautifully human.  You are a wonderful group of people that I’m just so happy I have a chance to know.

I am thankful also for the opposition, the negativity, and even the apathy that I come up against, for in each instance I am tested or offered the opportunity to change things.

I wish for all a season blessed with thankfulness every time you turn around.  I wish you surprises of rare moments that you never forget.  May the moons never rise or set on a day you are not grateful for.

Thank you Palace Gor and thank you for all who contributed here.”  Thalía~§Ð~HM

  • “I am thankful that I got to spend what I time I could with Saul…if it was not for Me coming to palace..I would have missed out on a great role model..friend and FC… all the Friends I have made and remained friends thought-out the years.”  §no±TAFA±Tatrix
  • “I am thankful to Have an amazing home filled with fun and laughter, an amazing family and Sister, Tatrix, Friend for life.”  Anni~IFC~Kedar±TAFA±Phy~Tr


“I am thankful for finding my son after not knowing where he was for years.  Thankful that I am alive and that God watches over us all.”  Emerald™±TAFA±Merch


  • “I am thankful for my Home Stone….   and thankful for the existence of Tor Tu Gor.”


  • “I am thankful for my friends that I have made on Palace Gor. No matter how bad I mess up I know I still have wonderful folks that are my safety net.” Anju
  • ” I am thankful for great friendships and the palace being free for all to use to learn and grow within on the gorean community and thankful for the ones that bought the palaces and pay for them for us to play in also thankful for the ones that allow a learning place for us as single people.”  Adelle Larque~Scr
  • “I am thankful for all the friends and Family that have been made thru the years here in Palace Gor.”  Summermoon<<SR>>BZ>>HM


  • “In palace Gor I am thankful for the friendships forged through like minded people.  I am thankful for the gatherings that bring us all together to share in fun, learning, and laughter.

Rane¤IFC Tyruss †¤BZ>>KM

  • “I’m thankful for all My friends in the gorean community, for without those, I wouldn’t love gor as much as I do.  I’m thankful for the support I get from the gorean community and even know I’m well versed there isn’t a time that goes by that I don’t learn perhaps even something new.”

Ta’ayshie~Ó~Stealth ¤§M¤JW

  • “I am grateful for all the wonderful friends in Gor.”  Oriana ¤§M¤ SH
  • “I am thankful for good friends, and interesting conversations.” Isara
  • “I am thankful for the companionship that helps fight the loneliness in real life.” Brigetta


kajira of Palace Gor

  • “skyy is thankful for Master and every moment she gets to spend near Him, she is thankful for Head Mistress and all of the help and caring she gives so often. skyy is also thankful for her loved and trusted sisters, and the most wonderful Home in Gor.”  {skyy}~SD


  • “What cariye is thankful for in Palace Gor…. 1. In the absence of my Master cariye is thankful to have the love and support of a great Home, a fantastic Family and fabulous friends without them cariye would have fallen to pieces over the last couple of years. 2. A place to continue learning and to help me grow in my slavery.” {cariye}Sadistic Warrior~§Ð~


  • “1)I am thankful and blessed  that I am owned by Master of Steel Dawn One who takes a Hand in guiding all I do and am.  2) I am thankful for my Steel Dawn Home and Family who cares for me, protects me and guides me in my path of slavery. I am thankful that I have been blessed and honor with all I am given as a slave of Steel Dawn.” {sura}~SD


  • “There are so many things that this slave is grateful for.

Steel Dawn has recently completed the book, Outlaw of Gor, part of the beginning chapters speak about the significance of the Home Stone to a Gorean.  When introducing themselves for example,  to another, a Warrior would say, – I am .(own name) of (Home Stone).

In the weekly reading and discussion of Outlaw of Gor, we reflected on the chapters that spoke of the spiritual significance of a Gorean City and its Home Stone. We read and discussed how a City is more than buildings and roads, more than the physical construction, if anything on Gor might be immortal, it would be the Home Stone.


Goreans truly love their cities for the history they have, for the relationships within their walls, intangible things, it is not the destination but the journey to build the City.  The Home Stone in part, perhaps is a physical reminder of the Cities History and the journey of those that have loved it, past present and even future. .

In saying that, the thing that this slave is deeply grateful for is that as a slave I have been permitted to wear the collar of my Owners Home Stone, that as a slave, I am under His hand.  These are two of the things that I give thanks for each and every day.”

respectfully, sasha, slave of Steel Dawn

  • “I am thankful for friendships here in palace.” {kajyn}BE


  • “I am thankful for my Master and sister. Am thankful for all the friends I have made in palace, the support and friendship they have shown to me and others.” {shani}`Joss`\\`²`eg


  • “I am thankful for the opportunity to be a part of a long term established community who despite the individual differences, come together for a love of lifestyle.  We have a connection, all of us. We are able to share a part of ourselves that is not always understood or easy to share amongst our peers on Earth.  For that I am very thankful.   I am also incredibly thankful for those I call friend:  Master, Mistress and slave. Genuine people are hard to come by and palace Gor has connected me with some people I feel will be lifelong friends.”  (pudding) -3M-


  • I’m thankful to be in the ownership of my Master and in a realm where I’m able to be who and what I am. sparkle{V} ‹GC› (T²G)


  • “I am thankful to participate in book discussions without being chastised for whatever my opinion is; it makes me think about the real meaning of Gor that is what I am thankful for.” (najma) -3M-


  • “girl is grateful she can express who she really is without being labeled a people pleaser…she is grateful to have One she can serve but also that she knows will always be there for her too.” {seyerah}-Ta- ¤§M¤ fbm


  • “I am thankful  that I still have my hubby after His accident and awesome  friends that helped me through it.” {zyanya}¤A¤±TAFA±sg



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