shani meets with…….?


{shani}`Joss`\\`²`eg: Greetings Master CA:

 How long have You been on Palace, Master?

StormRaider<<SM>>BZ<<CA: 4 or 5 years give or take dates and times are fuzzy Has Slept And Drank Since then

{shani}`Joss`\\`²`eg: where and when did you first come across Gor, Master?
StormRaider<<SM>>BZ<<CA: Which time when I as A teen Ager In A second hand book Store Found The first Four books And thought I found Masterbation material
Or When I first Incountered Gor on line And I found That slave girls was hot

{shani}`Joss`\\`²`eg: How many Homes have You been in Master?StormRaider<<SM>>BZ<<CA: this One Question Should be Abit more How do i say this Detailed. Cuase I Could take it As how many Homes have I been In to Visit Which There is no real Answer to Becuase i have Visited So many homes in my time in gor over many Diffrent Chat venues that it Becomes to Numberous to count. Or Could Take it As how many homes have I belonged To. And that Is the easiest One to Answer. Iceland Towers MSN , Tharnock MSN Tuchuk wagon camp MSN,Inlet Of Green Cliff GCN, Jah Buzzen, Bazi Palace All Spanning over Almost 20 years

{shani}`Joss`\\`²`eg: What is Your caste Master?
StormRaider<<SM>>BZ<<CA: Well it Sure Aint Scribe or builder defanitly not The Caste of Phy. When I first Came to Gor I trained In the Caste Of Scarlet Took Along time to get there But I done it And Done Well. Many have Seemed to For get The caste of Warrior Was not Just A Killer , Or A Soldier , He Was the
Educated Officer And A gentleman Class. He Had A sort of Code to Follow And they Followed it to The letter. People Looked up to them to Settle Disputes For them And to protect Them. Now Days And For The Last Several Years In Gor I have Watched the Scarlet Caste Fualter to having No code Becuase All they Are Interested in is Blood Shed. Since Being In Palace I Have not Seen much Use of the Caste System And Slowely Changed my Caste To that of The merchant Class, And Just So Ya All Know
Just Becuase the High caste thought Of Us As low Caste Us Merchants believe We Are The Highiest of The High caste Even over the Damn Anitiates.

{shani}`Joss`\\`²`eg: Master what is it You like most/ least about palace Gor?
StormRaider<<SM>>BZ<<CA: What I like most About Palace Hmm I like the Way We Are Able to build The homes And Have AV’s But Every thing Else Still relies on the text Discription of Actions

You Still have to Work to Get things Done. What I dont like About Palace Is the Elitist Mentality With Some , And the Clique Style Of the Way its Done. There Is Many Knowledgable
People In Palace, But Some Either go to The Exstreme, And try to Force There Own Interpretation Of What things Where Wrote in the books to Mean and the Fact That john Norman wrote those books over A span and time Period The As he Evolved As We All do As We get over Started Contradicting him Self
And how things on Gor Was and goes to Show that even In the books Gor Evolved Becuase As time Went on The Books Evolved With him. So Cliques And Elistist to me Are Much to My Dis Aproval As I say in real time Over Any Religious Faction trying to impose there Beliefs On Others If You Are Catholic Say And you try And ForceYour Beliefs On A muslem They Are gonna Resist you tooth And Nail And Start A holy War, That Is All the Elistiest Are Doing now And it is A War they Are gonna Loose.

{shani}`Joss`\\`²`eg: How do You think it could be improved Master?
StormRaider<<SM>>BZ<<CA: For Palace To Improve One thing is going to have to happen. And it involves Every Single person in Palace Gor. From The Free Men To the Free Women to The slaves,,
Stop Worring About What every one Else is Doing to Fix Gor. To Fix Gor it is going to take us All to Follow the Knowledge We have , To put it in to practice And then only then Will gor Improve. Free men Work your Caste Honiestly And Properly , Free Women Work your Caste Sapport the Men And Do So Honiestly And properly, slaves Strive
to Be that Ever pleasing to the Free slaves in the books didnt sit idle and play titly winks they where little busy bodies unless they where on a slavers chain trying to catch the attention of A Master to buy them. This Is how Gor is going to improve. All of us Working together As goreans to make it So. Goreans Worked hard then they Played Hard.

{shani}`Joss`\\`²`eg: you have recently been elected as magistrate of Gor for second term – what are your hopes for it Master?
StormRaider<<SM>>BZ<<CA: The Role of Magistrate is basically The role of the City Manager Answering to the City Councel.My hopes For it is that I do my Job Well And try to Keep it Running Smoothly
And In good standing With that In Which the Councel Deems Apropriate.

{shani}`Joss`\\`²`eg: Master, how do you see the role and what qualities do you have to bring to it?
StormRaider<<SM>>BZ<<CA: Well Basically How I see it Falls Under the Last Question. But What Qualities do I bring to It, My Personality I will give Ear to Every OneI way there Needs And there Complaints , With Equal Resolve. I bring Humor to That When there is Anger Imitting to Lighten A Bad Mood
I have Succfessfully Managed gorean homes over 15 years, Not To mention Successfully Own And Managed Several bussiness In Real.

{shani}`Joss`\\`²`eg: what future plans do You have for Your Home Master?
StormRaider<<SM>>BZ<<CA: The Plans For Bazi Face it All You will Not Get Rid of me that easy. Bazi Will Stand As it Always Has. It Will Never be Big Because i Dont Want it big Small Homes Appeal to me. The people that Are in it get Along Well it Keeps Drama Down And BullShyte Out. Bazi Strives to be A place Where Any may Come And learn.If they Come to Create Cuase or Start Drama They Are Shown to the Door With out Prejidous.We Dont go to other peoples home to Create Drama Dont Come to mine Doing it.
We Follow the books to that Which We Interprite To Be Right And true, And willing to help others learn But No One Is told there Way Is not the Right way, Unless they bring None Gorean
Antics like Vampires or Werewolves Robots crap that gor Wouldnt Permit.Again Bazi Is Gorean We Work Hard Then We Play hard Like it Leave it We dont Care.
We Are A family Working to gether to Keep the home running Smoothly.

StormRaider<<SM>>BZ<<CA: I would Like to Add A few Things to this If I may Journalist

{shani}`Joss`\\`²`eg: Please do Master:

StormRaider<<SM>>BZ<<CA: Gor Has Had A Profound Influance On my Life. It Gave me two Insights On Paths to Follow in my life After Reading those First Four books. I turned from A wild And Crazy Young boy Not Giving A damn About
Anything To A Person Who Became Well Disiplined In A Course of Action, And goals Set Forth For my Life. Some of Course I Succeeded Some I didnt But I Always Endevour to Accomplish What I set out to Do
And I have Instilled that to my Children. You can Say Gor Is Just Online Roleplay , Or Just Novels From the Twisted Mind of A Man Fed up With What He saw in the World And Made Him A fantasy get Away.
But In truth He Has Done more And Given The People Who Read his Book Something to help them In there Life To Change What they See Wrong in them Selves.

The Many Diffrent Cultures The Power to be Who you Are And Stand Firm to your own priniple beliefs , And Of Course The Creation of the online World By His Followers And the Fun that is Had there.
Let Us not Forget We found A place to Share our Selves With Like Minded People And I mean Like Minded NOT The Same Minded If Every one thought the same Acted the Same Looked the Same Life And Gor Would be Boring As Hell. Norman Wrote these Books Knowing each Person Who read them Would Take from them Diffrent Views And Ideals To what he Was Writting And He Knew People, Would Like And hate those books From The Start.
And Also I want to Address The Elitist out There John Norman Had A Fit When he found out His books Were being Used For A Online System He Called Us All Fools And For Three years Fought to Get The Gorean Community stopped As Infringement on his Copy Right. But Do to the Fact The online World Fell Under Fan Fiction Status He failed. The only thing He did then Was to Do the best to Keep His books from Being Shared Free of charge. And even that Dont Work to well. So is probably A good thing We Dont All follow the books to The letter Cause All of us Would be In Jail For Crimes Against humanity And he most likely Would have Won his Case Against Us Using Gor As A place to hang out.

So Figure this in to your Thoughts As I do We Are All here Becuase We Choose to be If Ya Dont like me I except that 100 Percent, But Know The Feeling Is probably 100 Percent Mutual. You Show me Respect I will Return it. You Disrespect me I shall Return that in Spades, But When it Comes to Working For the Betterment of Gor I will Still Stand Beside those Even If I like You Or Dont For the Betterment of What Many of us Hold Dear.
May not Always Agree With Every thing And Often I dont. But Will Also Say When I do. That Is being Gorean. Hold To your Own beliefs But Becareful When You try To Share it And how you Present it Because in the End. Forcing it Only Losses What you want to Acomplish Lock Stock And Barrel. Forcing Issues Has Lost Every time and has caused the Down fall to Gor Because It Creates The Rift And People Will Stand Against you Even if there Was Some good Bases to Your Thoughts. And then they Become mute and useless Because you have lost the Masses. Every good Leader that Has Accomplished Things through out history Learned this And those that Thought With A Elitist Mind..

Either Lost There Lives , Lost there Kingdoms , Lost there Families there Friends The Fortunes. Something to Think On

Ty For your time Journalist

{shani}`Joss`\\`²`eg: thank You Master CA, for Your time and Your insights..

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  1. Kult says:

    Have to say this was as honest a rendition as I’ve ever heard regarding the online Gorean experience. Add the laughs, and this became a very enjoyable read.

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