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Saul of Tafa

  Many of the PalGor community came together to remember the passing of Saul of Tafa. There were plenty of stories told, and reminiscences shared, showing how he was respected and above all, how he liked to have fun. Sno, … Continue reading

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Lesson 3 – Slave Heat

Lesson 3 Slave-Heat: The truth about it. Reprinted with permission from Castle Ravenwood: Master’s Corner Slave Heat: Why are the girls NOT allowed to use slave heat? The following comes from an eMail in the eGroup: Tal and Greetings, During … Continue reading

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destiny’s Chore for a Family Meal

{destiny}`\\`² : Rocking back on the girls soft heels an emotion with glee and joy in her appearance with pride and Honour of serving ones Home. swaying sensually towards the kitchen slave bells jingling on tiny ankle {destiny}`\\`² : to … Continue reading

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Thinking on Slavery

Welcome to what can be a most difficult journey. However it can also give you one of the most beautiful rewards. This is not a commitment to be taken lightly and what you have committed to can be one of … Continue reading

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Retail Value

Yes, You. What are you doing in palace Gor? Do you know? Let’s ask again.   What are you doing FOR palace Gor? Showing up is said to be half the battle. But for men who prefer more than a … Continue reading

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Just A Slave


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Fair or Unjust?

In the last couple of months things have happened that once again have caused me to stop and think about the choices we make in our lives and the unforeseen consequences they can bring about. Consequences that will happen at … Continue reading

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Slavery vs Consenual Submission

To me there is a difference between online roleplay and real life laws… you cannot take half the Gorean laws and do as you will with them RT and not be afraid of the outcome of breaking RT laws… as … Continue reading

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Battle of the Sexes?

There have been interesting discussions and comments lately concerning the online Free Women of Gor in Palace. Over the past years i have observed as attitudes towards Free Women ebb and flow.  Recently it occurred to me, that in some … Continue reading

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A Peeve

We all have our pet peeves I am sure. One of mine concerns something we seem to be experiencing more and more around PalGor – and that is lazy greetings. All this “Tal A/all”  and “Tal Free/greetings others” really gets … Continue reading

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